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Answers for Questions on Faith and God

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Oct. 27th, 2014 | 01:19 am
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Answers to religious belief questions, from a girl asking me questions randomly on plentyoffish::

Why do you believe in God? What makes you think God exists?

Many reasons. But the easiest one to give, though maybe not the most satisfying answer, is just the feeling of awareness I have about it in my intuition. Like when they say, feeling the presence of God. To me, the world just makes more sense with God in it than without, and the thought it rewarded by evidence I feel and notice every day.

What is this evidence you experience..?

Well, I'm sure that's where it could get shaky for some, since evidence is interpretive. For instance, if I feel lost and alone, and than prayed for guidance and awareness, I could give examples of feeling a sense of clarity that comes from outside myself. And if it happens that my senses sharpened and attuned upon some random occurrence taking place, but in that moment, such a thing gives me a clear resolution to the concerns I'd been feeling and resolution to questions I had, it feels clear that help came from this process. Anyone could make an explanation that it's just a coincidence or a way that you're building your own will inside yourself. But I believe in these things too. And in my own evaluation, the feel different. When you're open and your faith clears a channel for you to receive, the feeling is as palpable as matter in the room that you know is there but cannot see.

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